Smiley Emoji Keyboard 2018


Create a personalized keyboard


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Modify your smartphone's keyboard to give it a personal touch that perfectly fits your tastes and needs with the app Smiley Emoji Keyboard 2018.

Create a personalized keyboard that fits your personal style with Smiley Emoji Keyboard 2018, using one of the many keyboard backgrounds, and then adding a section with your favorite emojis, making it quicker and easier to add them to messages. Create your own unique keyboard, or if you would rather save some time, use one of the predesigned keyboards provided by Smiley Emoji Keyboard 2018.

On top of that, Smiley Emoji Keyboard 2018 also has wallpaper gallery. Give your smartphone a new look with one of the many backgrounds available on this app!

Personalize your keyboard and give your smartphone a unique entry method with Smiley Emoji Keyboard 2018.


Android 4.0 or higher required

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